Metaplas is different from other engineering companies – we welcome a challenge. We’re proactive. We look beyond the face value of a drawing for alternatives which can give you better value for money.

At Metaplas, customers value our enthusiasm and close working relationships develop. Our aim is to ensure our client’s natural response when faced with an engineering problem is:

“Call for Metaplas”

Metaplas is happy to take your conceptual design to the prototype stage and we can undertake small batch and prototype runs. At Metaplas we want to give you more. When a job comes in we look at it and ask ourselves:

“Could the design be improved; is there a better material, or way to produce the job?”

If we find new solutions, we let you know. Our creative, efficient, cost-effective suggestions delight our clients. And delighted clients are what we’re after. Metaplas likes to be different.

At Metaplas, customers are guaranteed:

  • High quality precision engineered products
  • Prompt response to customer needs
  • Personal attention from our team of highly experienced engineers
  • A solution to their engineering problems
  • The use of specialist sub-contractors to provide a complete service